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Everything from the start.

Register with Car-Net.

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The luxury of always being in the know.

A new kind of comfort: The Car-Net online services get you through the day in more comfortable style. With a number of different functions, you receive useful information about your e-Volkswagen.

Stay informed.

Always up to date: you can keep an eye on your Volkswagen with Car-Net. You know immediately whether the vehicle doors are locked and the headlights are turned off. In addition, you can check things such as your last parking position, the current mileage and the remaining battery range.

View all trips at a glance.

Learn something new from every trip: with the driving data you can display all the data from completed trips, giving you relevant information about your own driving style so that you can gauge your next trip even better.

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The advantage of always being prepared.

When every trip starts off perfectly: with the Car-Net services you are well prepared every day and can avoid inconveniences like a low battery or unpleasant temperatures in your vehicle right at the beginning of your trip.

Take control.

Full speed ahead: thanks to Car-Net, you can not only charge your e-up! from anywhere at the charging station, see the state of charge of your high-voltage battery and view the remaining range, but also configure the charging process and stop it if necessary.

You decide the temperature.

Whether you wish to keep a cool head through the summer or be nice and warm through the winter, Car-Net lets you set the desired temperature inside your vehicle before the trip even begins. Additional information such as the outside temperature can be seen at a glance.

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The overview that fits in your pocket.

Stay mobile: with the e-Remote app you can also enjoy all the comforts of the Car-Net services on the road or at home without your computer.

Download the Car-Net e-Remote app.

You can download the Car-Net e-Remote app quickly and conveniently and install it on your smartphone. The simple and intuitive operation even makes it easy for less technically minded people to get started.

Also compatible with your smartphone.

The Car-Net e-Remote app is also available for your iPhone or Android smartphone. Simply visit the App Store or Google Play Store for the latest version.

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The future that you can use today.

e-mobility is no future vision for Volkswagen – because it has long since been a reality. Discover the dawning of a new era of motorised mobility with Car-Net.

Experience progress.

Innovative and safe: Volkswagen is not only aware of its responsibility to work towards a sustainable future, but also sets new standards in areas such as efficiency, safety and reliability.

Get to know the technology.

Technology and innovation: the new battery-powered vehicles have the most advanced kind of engine and represent safe and efficient driving without losing sight of the enjoyment factor.